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The Accordion Shutter is a very strong, durable shutter that moves horizontally between an upper and lower track. Interlocking aluminium blades make up the protective wall of the shutter.

The Accordion can open and close as one unit, moving from left to right, right to left. For larger areas it can have a center opening, so that half the shutter moves towards the right and the other half the left.

The blade of the accordion stack out of view at the ends of the track and can be locked from the inside or outside to keep wind and rain out and give burglary proof safety. Especially ideal for high rise apartments, condominiums and storefronts, these tough, durable folding shutters allow the enjoyment of a screened porch or balcony all year round by reducing unwanted sun and winds.

Available in a variety of colors.

Impact Accordion Shutters can effectively be used for:

  1. Storm protection as it withstands hurricane force winds.

  2. Security as they discourage entry and vandalism when closed and locked.

  3. Noise Control

  4. Privacy