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Bahama Shutters shall include a continuous, reversible, extruded aluminium header as a top hinged mounting device. Bahama Shutters shall be supported by means of telescopic adjustable arm, or fixed arms with the shutter projected up to a maximum angle of 44 degrees.

The arms shall connect to rod brackets on the underside of the shutter and to the camelbacks mounted to an existing structure. The shutters shall include arms which can be disconnected to facilitate lowering the shutter into closed position or they can be permanently attached to remain in a fixed position.

Providing privacy, sun control, weather and security, Bahama Shutters are not only funtional but attractive for commercial applications such as banks, schools, and other institutions. Since their traditional design is more attractive than ordinary industrial louvers, imaginative arquitects and engineers are continually creating fresh uses and arrangements including designing new buildings exteriors or refacing existing façades.

Colors: Roll-formed aluminium materials are available in 10 colors and extruded aluminium are available in 4 colors. High temperature polyutherane custom coatings are available upon request.

Bahama Shutters can effectively be used for:

  1. Storm protection as it withstands hurricane force winds.

  2. Security as they discourage entry and vandalism when closed and locked.

  3. Aesthetic, Beauty and Decor.

  4. Sun Control

  5. Noise Control

  6. Privacy