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Colonial Shutters shall be mounted on aluminium hinged hardware to swing closed and lock securely by means of an aluminium horizontal lock bar. Colonial Shutters shall be held back in the open position with a nickel plated brass friction catch device. They are available in single and double - louvered designs.

Quality built to withstand the most extreme enviromental conditions such as hurricanes, salt air and high humidity. Energy saving shutters are ideal for homes, apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Also an excellent sun control device, colonial shutters are highly effective in reducing solar heat build - up over windows, porches, carpots and similar areas.

Colors: Roll-formed aluminium materials are available in 10 colors and extended aluminium are available in 4 colors. High temperature polyutherane custom coatings are available upon request

Colonial Shutters can effectively be used for:

  1. Storm protection as it withstands hurricane force winds.

  2. Security as they discourage entry and vandalism when closed and locked.

  3. Aesthetic, Beauty and Decor.

  4. Sun Control

  5. Noise Control

  6. Privacy