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The roll Shutter is the type of shutter that rolls up and down over an opening. The roll shutter consists of: the slats which make up the shutter wall; the tracks guide and secure the slats; an the upper housing; the area in which the slat is stored.

Available in a variety of assembly configurations to suit any applications requirement. Operation can be manual - using a hand crank from the interior or exterior - electrically operated, or a comobination of both.

Also offered is a variety of electronic accesories such as remote controls, timers, and weather and light sensors to customize your shutter system to satisfy today's modern designs.

Roll up Shutters are available in a variety of colors. They come with all aluminium frame-work and are available in: Extruded Aluminium (40mm, 55mm, 60mm) Foam Filled Aluminium (40mm, 55mm) and PVC Slats.

For your convenience, our sales and engineering in house staff is avaliable to assist you in developing the system best suited for your requirements.

Roll-up Shutters can effectively be used for:

  1. Storm protection as it offers substantial protection against flying debris and hurricane force winds. (Our shutters are approved for windloads of up to 155 mph.)

  2. Privacy

  3. Security and protection against theft and forced entry.

  4. Sunshade

  5. Insulation in cooler climates